The soothingest thing in my house.

All I want for Christmas is… A steel drum chorus.

Just a few minutes before she fell in, at Antrim Park.

Just a few minutes before she fell in, at Antrim Park.



Wander Over Yonder style guides

there is some fantastic overall animation/design know-how here!

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Since when did permit-holding memorial parades get maced?

The parade, to honor Daymon Dodson, is held every year as a way to celebrate local art, music, hip hop and community spirit. Dodson was a well-known arts supporter and host of Monday Hip Hop nights at Bernie’s. He died of complications…

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How I roll on a Saturday night. #roll #seewhatididthere

How I roll on a Saturday night. #roll #seewhatididthere



Jessica Williams proposes applying New York’s Stop and Frisk policy to Wall Street bankers. 

This all day.

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Recently, Kirin (a Japanese beer company) has been running a “dream campaign” where people can write in to the company explaining what their dream is, and if selected, the company sets out to make it come true.

Of all the people selected to have their “dream come true”, the most expensive and elaborate one was a normal guy who worked for a normal company who always dreamed of being in a Jackie Chan movie. When asked what kind of movie he wanted to do, his description was extremely thorough.

He knew everything that he wanted to happen in the movie, all of the actors he wanted to use, and had every detail so perfectly worked out, that Kirin decided to go for it, and make a commercial out of it, despite how expensive it would be.

(As you watch the actual commercial, you can see numbers rambled off, and each of numbers represents something that he requested to be in the commercial. (Ex. # 13 Fighting with a stool or chair, # 31 - have some massive Chinese pot broken)

Thanks to a Japanese Beer Company, My Buddy Got to Fight with Jackie Chan @ The Way

Were something like this to happen to me, my entire body would instantly ignite at the cellular level in a white-hot firestorm of accomplishment.

This is the greatest dream anyone could ever hope to have. 

This just made my entire day


This is the best shit I’ve ever seen in my life.

Oh my god.

This man is so damn awesome.

so cooolllllllll

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